Name: MATTHEW FINNISH; Birthday: August 30th every year; Profession: Teacher / Musician; Favorite Color: Depends on my mood; Favorite Food: Steak / Fish; Favorite Quote: John 3:16; Biggest audience: 7.2 million (TV); Biggest live audience: 16,000 (Rennes, France); Smallest audience: Me, the barman . . .

I have been a musician since about 11 years old when I was given my first guitar by a treasured Aunt and Uncle. Had three lessons, got bored with progress and figured that I could do it quicker myself ~ which I did. Long nights into early mornings ensued as I traded licks with the likes of Andy Powell and Ted Turner (Wishbone Ash); Walter Becker (Steely Dan); Jan Ackerman (Focus) and many other influencing guitarists of the time.

From early years with ‘PRIDE’ (who incidentally won ITV’s New Faces) and ‘JACKO’ (who incidentally got ripped off in Germany) to later years with ‘SOS’ and session work at De Lane Lea Studios in Wembley where a bunch of us ended up on Top of The Pops ~ twice!

From creating and performing music to video production to photography to working with other bands and musicians like N.U.M.B. and N.N.D.D. ~ life is always quite busy.

So, if you are thinking of booking a quality SOLO entertainer, someone with a bit of pedigree and experience for your special celebration or function, so that you can relax and enjoy the event, you need to start here